What’s your best advice for a new developer?

Dear new developer, Dev.to is a relatively new community of developers. A few years ago, someone on that community asked for advice for junior developers, and I found the answers fascinating. Here are a few of my favorites. People should respect you. It's your right to push back against disrespectful interactions. If it's waved away … Continue reading What’s your best advice for a new developer?

Talk first, code later

Dear new developer, The more experienced I get, the more I realize that the hard part of software development (for the kinds of software development I do, primarily business web applications) is not the coding. It's the communication. You need to communicate, often among shifting parties over weeks, months or years: why you are building … Continue reading Talk first, code later

Three Tips for New Developers

Dear new developer, I ran across this post with three tips for new developers. The tips were: Develop broad expertise Work in application support Hone your interpersonal skills This especially resonated with me. Note that the javascript frameworks indicate this article is a bit dated; I'd substitute React, Vue and Angular for jQuery, MooTools and … Continue reading Three Tips for New Developers

Learn To Explain Concepts To Non-Technical Users

Dear new developer, I taught technology courses for about a year and a half, but have been teaching folks almost my entire career in one way or another (everyone has something to teach), primarily through my blog. One thing I've learned over time is that if you can't explain a technology choice in a way … Continue reading Learn To Explain Concepts To Non-Technical Users