Confessions of a conference speaker

Dear new developer, When I was newer to development, I thought that conference speakers were experts in their area, harbored no doubts, and that they knew exactly what they were doing. Speaking about technology seemed scary (until it wasn't). I enjoyed this post, "Confessions of a Conference Speaker", pulling back the veil on the experience … Continue reading Confessions of a conference speaker

Use copy/paste as much as you can

Dear new developer, Use copy and paste as much as you can. Not so much for code snippets from Stackoverflow, though that will save you some time hunting down mismatched parentheses. But this is especially useful whenever you are searching for errors or moving information between systems. For example, recently I had to find where … Continue reading Use copy/paste as much as you can

Help, I can’t learn/do something because it is boring!

Dear new developer, Sometimes you have to learn or do something boring. I know there are times when I've had to schlep, whether that is data entry, learning a technology that I'm not thrilled about, or tediously manually replicating a bug many many times to try to debug it. A couple of tips on how … Continue reading Help, I can’t learn/do something because it is boring!

Tips for using email well

Dear new developer, Writing great emails is a key skill. For all the hullabaloo about slack, emails still rule the roost when it comes to cross organization communication. This is because everyone has email, it is auditable and uneditable once sent, and requires no special permission beyond knowledge of an email address. Email is great … Continue reading Tips for using email well

Three Tips for New Developers

Dear new developer, I ran across this post with three tips for new developers. The tips were: Develop broad expertise Work in application support Hone your interpersonal skills This especially resonated with me. Note that the javascript frameworks indicate this article is a bit dated; I'd substitute React, Vue and Angular for jQuery, MooTools and … Continue reading Three Tips for New Developers