When do you feel like you’re “senior”

Dear new developer, https://twitter.com/saronyitbarek/status/1255278961250185218 I thought this was a great tweet. It's worth clicking through and reading the responses. I wrote my own tweet in response, but thought I'd write about it a bit more here. First, it's worth acknowledging that the term "senior developer" means different things in different places and times. Certainly the … Continue reading When do you feel like you’re “senior”

“Letters To a New Developer”, the book

Dear new developer, I hope you enjoyed reading these letters. I've certain enjoyed writing them. When I chat with new developers, at meetups, on slack, or via email, they let me know when letters are helpful or unclear. They suggest topics. They give me feedback, which, when you're writing into the howling abyss of the … Continue reading “Letters To a New Developer”, the book

Choose inspiration over imitation

This is a guest post from James Turnbull. Enjoy. Dear new developer, Steve Jobs made the phrase "Good artists copy, great artists steal" famous in the tech industry. However, there's considerable debate about the origin of the expression. Ironically, he was possibly cribbing from Picasso, who might have been cribbing from Igor Stravinsky, William Faulkner, … Continue reading Choose inspiration over imitation