What’s your best advice for a new developer?

Dear new developer, Dev.to is a relatively new community of developers. A few years ago, someone on that community asked for advice for junior developers, and I found the answers fascinating. Here are a few of my favorites. People should respect you. It's your right to push back against disrespectful interactions. If it's waved away … Continue reading What’s your best advice for a new developer?

Why software engineers are grumpy

Dear new developer, I thought that this post, "The care and feeding of software engineers (or, why engineers are grumpy)", from 2012 was still relevant today. It's a long one, so I won't excerpt all the interesting parts, but this really resonated with me: Both engineers and product managers tend to think, incorrectly, that product … Continue reading Why software engineers are grumpy

Confessions of a conference speaker

Dear new developer, When I was newer to development, I thought that conference speakers were experts in their area, harbored no doubts, and that they knew exactly what they were doing. Speaking about technology seemed scary (until it wasn't). I enjoyed this post, "Confessions of a Conference Speaker", pulling back the veil on the experience … Continue reading Confessions of a conference speaker

Three principles for guiding your development career

Dear new developer, I thought this article nicely laid out three principles to guide a developer's career. They were: follow your taste find community take risks Each of these really resonated for me. The first because the wide world of software can lead to analysis paralysis, so you should really have some way of deciding … Continue reading Three principles for guiding your development career

Contextual advice for new developers

Dear new developer, A few months ago I asked Marie Chatfield, a front end developer and advice columnist, what her one best piece of advice for new developers was. She wrote a great response. From the post: For the self-taught programmer: I am amazed at your dedication and perseverance and ability to learn from different … Continue reading Contextual advice for new developers

The care and feeding of developers

Dear new developer, I thought this post from 2012, about what software developers want, was penetrating and relevant. This passage resonated for me: And here’s the real crux of the problem: software engineers aren’t builders. Software engineers are creators. Building is what you do when you buy a piece of furniture from Ikea and get … Continue reading The care and feeding of developers