I’m Dan Moore. This blog is a series of letters to my past self, illustrating lessons I’ve learned and what I wish I had known when I was just starting.

I’m a developer with about twenty years of experience. I’ve been around the block when it comes to working as a software developer.

I’ve worked in the following settings:

I’ve co-founded startups, and I’ve been an individual contributor, a team lead and a manager. I have run side projects, some for years.

In my career, I’ve been a consultant, a contractor, an instructor, an intern, a speaker and a full time employee. I’m active in the software community in Boulder, helping to organize the Boulder Ruby meetup. You can also find me on Hacker News, LinkedIn and Stackoverflow.

I love to write and I’ve been blogging about my software experiences since 2003. I’ve written a book about mobile software development and a video course about Amazon Machine Learning.

I’m interested in guest posters who want to write a letter and share what they’ve learned–feel free to contact me to learn more.