The book

“Letters To a New Developer” is now a book!

The Cover of Letters to a New Developer

It’s based on this blog, with ideas, text and guest posts drawn from it. The format is similar: letters covering a variety of topics. However, all the content has been thoroughly reviewed, organized and rewritten. You’ll also see new letters covering topics such as why to build a personal board of advisors and discovering your wood lot (trust me, it makes sense when you read it).

What people are saying:

It was released Aug 16, 2020. You can order it here:

Here’s the table of contents:

  1. Introduction (they wouldn’t let me call it Chapter 0, even though developers start there)
  2. Your first month
  3. Questions
  4. Writing
  5. Tools
  6. Practices
  7. The Business
  8. Learning
  9. Mistakes
  10. Career
  11. Community