Learn to type quickly

Dear new developer,

Coding is so much more than typing into a computer. Other things that matter:

  • knowing who to talk to
  • what to build
  • when to discuss high and low level concepts
  • other processes like testing and documentation
  • communicating progress
  • course correcting when a project goes awry

These are all skills you need to be a great developer.

However, just like knowing the command line and a text editor, knowing how to touch type will make you more effective. Touch typing is the ability to type without looking at the keyboard with all 10 of your fingers (if you don’t have use of all your fingers or you use fewer, you can still type quickly).

Typing well is especially important because many forms of communication are text based (slack, email, ticketing systems). But even for plain old coding, being a touch typer will help you be more effective. This is because you’ll be able to implement things more quickly. You should learn your keyboard shortcuts for commonly used programs too.

You can Google “practice touch typing” and check out several sites (paid and free) to improve your speed. There are also competitions out there like typeracer. I was lucky enough to learn to touch type in school, so I haven’t had to try any of these out.

However, a big caveat. If I had the choice between being a fast typer who didn’t understand a problem space or a slow typer who did understand a domain, I’d pick the latter. Often, the best code is no code. So, focus on understanding and then solving the problem. Make sure you make your fast typing skills work in service of solving the correct problem, so you can be the fast typer who does understand the problem space.



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