What is fulfillment?

Dear new developer,

Stephanie Hurlburt tweets some amazing stuff. Definitely worth the follow.

Here’s an interesting post from her about fulfillment. From the post:

I threw myself at helping others and was absolutely shocked to find myself not really that fulfilled from this work. I couldn’t figure it out, was something wrong with me?! I upped the amount of people I was helping, started doing even more work– was it the wrong kind of work? I tried different kinds. Wasn’t helping others my mission? I felt dismayed and empty.

Sometimes what you think you should be doing is wrong. The post has some thoughts about how to tease out what you really want to be doing.

It’s always worth some time to think about where you are going. But it can be overwhelming. I asked my father about that once, and his advice was to pick one or two constants you wanted in your life and orient yourself around them. I have found that to be a great way dealing with the paralysis of choice that can affect you in modern society.



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