Start a blog

Dear new developer,

A blog is free (except in terms of time), forces you to think, provides an example of your ability to discuss concepts, and helps others.

What’s not to like?

The hardest part about blogging is just doing it, day in and day out. Now, I am no Fred Wilson, who has blogged every day for 15 years, but I have blogged since 2003. I’ve written at least once every month of those 15 years (except one).

I can tell you that blogging won’t give you a job, but it can occasionally lead to contracts. That it won’t make you a superstar, but can give you credibility. That it won’t make you an excellent writer, but that it will polish your ability to convey thoughts in text.

What should you write about? Write about the latest problem you faced at work the technology that interests you or a comment on a link that you found. It doesn’t really matter as long as you can write about it and can commit.

Because it is the commitment that matters. The benefits of blogging don’t accrue on the first or second post, but on the twenty first or twenty second.

I can’t speak highly enough of blogging. I tell everyone I meet to start a blog. I’m suggesting you do too.




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