Tips for using email well

Dear new developer, Writing great emails is a key skill. For all the hullabaloo about slack, emails still rule the roost when it comes to cross organization communication. This is because everyone has email, it is auditable and uneditable once sent, and requires no special permission beyond knowledge of an email address. Email is great … Continue reading Tips for using email well

Subscribe to a weekly link newsletter

Dear new developer, I mentioned before the benefits of participating in an online community. If you aren't interested in a back and forth, you can often join an email list where someone will capture interesting articles on a particular subject and email you weekly. (Examples that I've recently interacted with: API links, dev links, craftcms … Continue reading Subscribe to a weekly link newsletter

Get an external email address

Dear new developer, When you are starting at any company, you'll get a company address: You'll want to use that for all company communications. You may have a personal email address: (not my real personal email address 🙂 ). But as soon as you can, you'll want to get an external email address … Continue reading Get an external email address