Develop Denver Presentation

Dear new developer,

In a slight departure from the normal posting schedule, I wanted to announce that I’m speaking at Develop Denver on Friday, August 16. I’ll be talking about three things that surprised me when I was a new developer. There are a number of other interesting presentations across a variety of topics. Here’s the schedule (pdf). Lots of smart people, which will, among other things, let you have great conversations and break out of being an expert beginner.

You can still get tickets here. If you’re in the Denver area, hope to see you there!



You can do this.

This is a guest blog post from Kyle Coberly. Enjoy.

Dear new developer,

You can do this. There’s a lifetime of stuff to learn and it will seem intimidating, but if you keep doing it, you’ll get better. Teenagers, career changers, and retirees all have done this, and they weren’t any smarter or more naturally talented than you. You’re in the right place.

Make stuff. It’s easy to get lost in a bunch of theory, especially when it’s dressed up as “the fundamentals.” You can learn theory any time. Seriously. Learn what you need to learn to make something that interests you, and you’ll learn a lot and get enough fuel to get to the next station.

Participate in the software community. Go to meetups, join a community forum or chat group, go to conferences. There’s a lot of people exactly where you are, and a lot of people who were there not so long ago and want to help you get better.


Kyle Coberly

Kyle Coberly is the executive director of the Develop Denver conference, co-host of the Sprint UX Podcast, and serves as the Technical Lead for Health Scholars. Previously, he was the Faculty Director for Galvanize’s Web Development Immersion program.