No developer is an island: Getting help as a new developer

This is a guest post from Kiah Imani. Enjoy. Dear new developer, There are a lot of things that I wish I had known during my first year as a software developer. If I could go back and give my younger self some advice, here is what I would tell her. Join a developer community … Continue reading No developer is an island: Getting help as a new developer

Things learned from a senior developer

Dear new developer, This post by a Bloomberg developer catalogs everything they learned sitting next to a senior developer for a year. Lots of good stuff in there. Favorite excerpts: How to handle an outage: For when things go wrong, and they will, the golden rule is minimizing client impact. My natural tendency when things … Continue reading Things learned from a senior developer

Balance Questions With “Banging Your Head”

This is a guest blog post from Don Abrams, lightly edited. Enjoy. Dear new developer, When starting out, the hard part is balancing two things: Asking questions Banging your head against the wall Additionally, as a new developer you'll likely be encountering something for the first time: a codebase that is really really large. Like … Continue reading Balance Questions With “Banging Your Head”

Be a great developer today

This is a guest post from Tim Tyrrell. Enjoy. Dear new developer, New developers are making mistakes. They are making mistakes every day. As a new developer, one’s job is to recognize one’s mistakes, implement a change in behavior, and help others implement that same change when similar mistakes bubble to the surface of one’s … Continue reading Be a great developer today